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More than just pretty pictures

Welcome to — my round-the-clock repository for photos and perspectives.

We live in a time that grows more complex by the hour. Maybe you’ve noticed the events and challenges bending the courses of our lives are starting to feel less predictable. I’ve noticed that, too.

We’ll never entirely make sense of modern life, but we do have to get our heads around the big issues. Questions like “What’s up with disinformation,” “Why do some of us find diversity so terrifying” and “Why’s my neighborhood suddenly armed to the teeth” are central to life in the US these days. To protect our personal and national interests, we need to deepen our understanding of the big picture.

I’m a photographer by trade. But lately, anyone who owns a smartphone is also a photographer. And with photography being so commonplace, you might think the entire art form is fading into oblivion, or that there’s no room left for the masters. But as an art form and as a profession, photography is still very much alive, and its best years may be yet to come. And photophyles like me can still appreciate the essence of great photography. It is the individual photographer’s inspiration.

The impetus for my work is storytelling. For me, a perfect image does two things which seem paradoxically opposed. First it reveals an unfamiliar facet of the subject. And second, it makes that facet relatable.

Through photos, I seek to convey the subject’s inner truth, and to place that specific reality within the broader context of human experience. I love shots that show us who we truly are: pictures that reveal our ephemeral beauty which too often is hiding deep within, where it can’t be easily seen.

My need to inform and inspire through photographs keeps me busy behind what is often a large and unwieldy lens. In a simpler time, I might have been content to create powerful images and leave it at that. But we all face monumental (and at times existential) challenges, for which verbal conversations are invaluable.

We all want to leave behind a world worth saving for our children. To do that, we need to work together while we’re still able. That starts with making sense of the world around us and within us. It’s not enough to show each other who we are. We have to talk, too.

We need words. Lots of them. They say a picture is worth a thousand. So at the risk of saying too much, this site isn’t just photos. We’re also packing it full of words — reflections, ideas, insights, analysis, Dad jokes … and when time permits, some photography tech tips for anyone who could use them.

You’re my guest. And as you might guess, the content posted here belongs to me. Feel free to use the share buttons, but don’t reproduce my work without my permission. That’d be stealing. And no one likes a thief.

If there’s something here that you’d like to use elsewhere, you can contact me about a license. If it’s for private use, just ask me to add the full-resolution image to the downloads catalog.

Enjoy your visit!